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Bricks Care is a company based in Bangalore, having over 10 years of experience in Owning, Renting out Houses and Apartments We’ve been through the pains and had our learning’s from our varied experiences and wish to put our Experience and Expertise to use to help fellow Property Owners realize the full for the property, renting potential of their properties with ease.

Bricks Care is a fully bonded, professionally managed property management company. As a property manager we can look after your independent house, duplex or single family home, villa, open land, under construction property apartment and rental buildings. We can ensure an extremely high level of knowledge in all facets of managing residential properties and open lands including monitoring / screening potential tenants, dispute resolution, landlord/tenant legislation and market value of property rents.

Our property management division’s objective has been to identify individuals and investors from which we can develop a first class property management portfolio, providing professional and hands-on management service. We are developing our business and profile in the community, in keeping with the Prudential image, by offering more personalized and attentive management services while maximizing the performance of our client’s properties.

Who We Are

As a company we have found that it is of primary importance to meet with you and discuss the individual needs of each property. In this way, we can best respond to your requirements. It also gives you an opportunity to review the formats we currently use in our administrative process and also meet with the property manager.

We adopt Technology and have made it the backbone of our business which has made us efficient, speedy and more than anything else, capable of handling multiple tasks with little chance for error. Bricks Care is committed to provide Property Management Property Security Services in the Most Professional Manner with utmost care and keeping the interest of our CUSTOMERS in Mind.

We are NOT a Broker or Real Estate agent

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If you are confusing? Do not worry. We offer free consultation to help you make a decision with the best creativity and quality that you deserve.

Vision and Goal

Our vision is to provide Bangalore and the surrounding areas with the ultimate property management services. It is our goal to utilize our work experience from both property management to provide home owners, tenants, and investors with superior property management services.

Our Team

Bricks Care consists of knowledgeable professionals who can contribute their skillful resources to the gamut of property management. Our services benefit commercial property members, tenants and developers. Our policy of personal service, provided by our skilled staff, is the key in ensuring that your property management program is designed and executed to optimize your real estate assets.
The will to win, the desire to prosper, the urge to reach our fullest potential...with these thoughts we decided to unlock the door of our professional excellence and launched Property Management Services under the umbrella of Bricks Care. We have always carried the right ATTITUDE and followed the principle of WORK is WORKSHIP and shared a strong relationship with our employees, customers and vendors


  • Ensuring that the property is rented to the best possible lessee;
  • Collect the monthly rents from all tenants and discharge from the property’s account all charges incurred in the maintenance and operation of the property;
  • Regular every three month  inspections by management personnel
  • Operating statement produced monthly and mailed monthly to the owner(s) showing all income and disbursements;
  • Maintain the records of the building and the tenants;
  • Perform regular inspections of the property;
  • Provide regular reports on problems and recommendations regarding the property;
  • Obtain tenders and negotiate contracts on behalf of the owner. Arrange for and supervise the maintenance of all property including janitorial, grounds maintenance and repairs, etc., subject to the direction of the owner and at the expense of the owner;
  • Act on behalf of the owner in dealing with the tenants both directly and at the Residential Tenancy Branch, if necessary;
  • Attend and record the business transacted at meetings with the owner, tradesmen and lawyers, etc.;
  • Pay bills for  maintenance, if required by the owner.

Full Property Management


Bricks Care is a full property management company that assumes the following duties, powers, and authority on behalf of the owner.

  • Personalized Service on property
  • Open Land Care & Management
  • Tax care & Management
  • Under construction Care and Management
  • Tenancy Care & Management
  • Property Care & Management
  • Apartment Care & Management
  • Property Investigation


Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself.

Most people in the team were friendly and supportive.