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General Contruction

Bricks Care Provides You trouble-free Property solution with secured parameters. Are you apprehensive about your property and small issues related with it? We have a solution for all your property related issues.

Bricks Care is committed to providing superior service by using defined processes and keeping apartment / villa owners well informed of their apartments / villas. As a firm with our own investments, we are intimately familiar with the needs, concerns and expectations of an apartment / villa owner. We take utmost care and ensure the tenant profile suits the requirements of an owner and rentals are paid on time. In our never-ending Endeavour to provide the best of service we follow a set of standards for all apartments / villas managed by us.

  • EC Procurement
  •   Vacant Property Monitoring
  •   Property tax payment
  •   Legal Services
  •   Appraisal & Valuation of the Property
  •   Khata Transfers
  •   Pest & Rodent Control
  •   Property Insurance
  •   Utility Bill Payments
  •   Mutation of the property
  •   Interior Decorator
  •   Home Cleaning
  •   Water Proofing
  •   Painting
  •   Plumbing & Electrical related works
  •   Renovation works
  •   Security services

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